Many groups consistently can't make day time or evening public hearing meetings, such as families with children, senior citizens, business owners, and busy professionals.

People Speak allows people from those communities to participate in the legislative process remotely and asynchronously:



1. Create & Publish

Case information, including staff and applicant presentations and supporting materials, is generated and posted online weeks in advance of the public hearing date.

2. Notify Citizens

Citizens are notified of the upcoming case that is relevant to them and a URL directed them to the case page online.


3. Review Information

Citizens visit the case page from their smartphone, tablet, or desktop computer and review the information.

4. Ask Questions

Citizens can ask staff or applicants questions about the case.

5. Become Part of the Public Record

Citizens can submit public comments about the case and track when their comments are read by decision makers. 


6. Review Case Materials and Public Comments

Council or Board members have their own login with access to agendas and case materials. The site tracks their visits to notify the public when comments have been read.

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