Reach citizens anytime, any place

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People Speak allows citizens to view staff and applicant presentations and supporting materials weeks prior to the public hearing.

Optimized for viewing on smart phones, tablets, or desktop computers, citizens can access and comment on the information remotely – without trying to fit attending the public hearing into their busy schedules.

People Speak increases accessibility of local government and opportunities for input, while helping cities reach a greater number and diversity of constituents.


People Speak features are designed exclusively for the public hearing process.

Q&A Email System

Citizens and Decision-Makers can ask Staff or Applicants questions. Staff can track all correspondence.

Public Comments

Citizens can make comments on issues they care about. Comments become part of the public record and citizens can be alerted about status changes on the issues.

View Receipts

Citizen comments are acknowledged and views of comments by Decision-Makers are tracked and can be displayed.

Digital Staff Reports

Custom views for Decision-Makers mirror offline Staff Reports. Decision-Makers login to find the upcoming week’s agenda and can review each case, including staff responses to questions and online comments, eliminating the need for paper Staff Reports.

Decision Publication

Cases can be updated to indicate the final decision, optionally including the vote tally. Decisions are posted on the main page and case pages, making it easy for citizens to find out what happened.

Decision Notification

Citizens can subscribe to get email updates when a decision is published for a specific case. Updates are sent automatically, reducing the cost of tracking and notifying citizens manually.

General Commenting

Citizens can submit general comments to the city, independent of a specific case.


Get detailed reporting and visualizations on site and page visits, by time of day, age, gender, platform and popularity.

White Labelled

The application is fully branded to your city, including the public interface, domain name, and all emails.

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