How long does it take to get set up?

Creating your website takes less than a day once we receive your logo and you pick the domain you’d like to use. Your staff will then be able to start creating cases and uploading case material.  We will work around your schedule if any training is needed.


Do you live stream public hearings?

No. We are focused on removing both the place and time constraints of public hearings.


We have numerous cities and counties, each with councils, commissions, and boards, can all hearings be on one website?

The site can be configured to support multiple jurisdictions and/or multiple bodies. Each group manages their own cases but all information can be presented to the public on a single site. Filters allow visitors to quickly find cases relevant to them. 


How much does it cost?

Please see our pricing page.


How do decision-makers review the information posted online?

Decision-makers can login to view private agenda pages that display upcoming cases. Each case can be reviewed, along with any notes from staff and public comments. Typically, the online commenting period is automatically shut down ~24 hours in advance of the public hearing, giving decision-makers ample time to review the comments prior to the in-person hearing.


Does online participation increase the workload for staff, applicants, or decision-makers?

It only takes a few minutes to post information online and to moderate comments. The material posted to the site is material currently provided for the case, so there is little or no new additional work. In addition, there are efficiencies in going paperless. While the number of comments that require processing prior to the public hearing increases, the result can be fewer in-person comments and applications that are improved and more efficiently passed at the in-person hearing.


How do you acknowledge citizen input?

Each posted comment can be accompanied by a log notifying citizens how many decision-makers have viewed their input.

Ready to dive in?