Online public hearing real-time performance analytics

One of the most exciting aspects of deploying online public hearing software is that it expands the demographics of who participates in the public hearings. In the past week, we completed a study that looked at: 1. when people are participating and 2. the age of participants. You can read the write up here.

Since then, we’ve been working on creating way to visualize this data in real time. We’ve now created a Dashboard that shows the number of compelling pieces of information.


The information currently includes:

  • The counts of users, sessions, pageviews, and bounce rate

  • When the site is visited (the time of day that people interact with the content)

  • Engagement broken out by age & gender

  • How the site is being accessed, whether by desktop, tablet or mobile device

  • The most popular case pages by visits

Rather than delivering this kind of information on a monthly basis, it’s all available in real-time via the web accessible by desktop or mobile device.